Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Perfect Man

After reading The Bookish Snob's idea of her perfect man, it got my wondering what mine would be like. I have discovered some extremely interesting and hot guys over the past year in some amazing books but they all have flaws. Hopefully, taking the best parts of these guys will result in my perfect man, I just have to make sure I don’t take too much from just one!

The first thing is that he shouldn’t be English. Not that I have anything against English men but an accent most definitely does it for me. My man would be Hispanic, being able to talk to me all day long and mesmerising me with his voice, mixing English with Spanish for those special moments. I would probably never get anything done but I doubt I would mind too much.

My man would be strong but sensitive at the same time. I’d like to know how much he cared about me and have him show his softer side at times but I would still want him to be a mans man. He wouldn’t be possessive, but protective of me and he would never dare try to tell me what to do. He would be a little bit cocky and full of himself but funny with it at the same time. My man would love me unconditionally, even if I wore extremely girly slippers and baggy pjs. Infact, he would think they were adorable.

Even though I’m an average height of 5’6, my man has to be at least 6ft. As we would have a big house in the middle of the woods, he would have to chop all of the fire wood himself so he would also have a fantastic body, strong arms and muscley thighs. Even though we live in the middle of the woods, he still likes to take me out on the town every now and again so I have to be able to wear some amazing heels. Did I mention that he would take me out on his motorbike? Well he would. And he would have the leather jacket to go with it as well. He would have very dark hair, but not black, that flops down into his eyes (which are every so slightly different colours) every now and again. Oh, he has to tattoos as well. One that spans his shoulders and one on his right upper arm. I do love a man with tattoos.

He would be an expert marksman, so very rarely without a crossbow hung over his shoulders. Not only can he shoot a mean arrow directly to where he wishes it to go but he can also shoot fire from his hands. You see, my man would be a mix of fallen angel and Warlock who has been given the task of ridding the world of all evil. The combination gives him the bad boyness that is very much needed to keep the relationship entertaining and exciting. My man spent a lot of time in Heaven so he had a lot of spare time on his hands. This gave him the opportunity to learn to play the guitar, so that he could serenade me and perfect some pretty amazing spells.

Now all I need is to be a witch and make him out of Man Dough like they did in Sabrina The Teenage Witch! Anyone know where me and The Bookish Snob can get some??

So there we have what my perfect man would be like, even though he is a very strange mix of things, but what would yours be like and what would they be a mix of? Thanks to The Bookish Snob  for inspiring this post!


Blueicegal ♥ said...

hmm i must say you are hilarious! hehe, i love your man, in fact i might just make your man my man, :D lmfao i might just do a post like this! :D

Vicki said...

If you ever find him, make sure he has a twin to send my way haha! I definitely like dark and tatooed. Great post Linz!

Tammy (The Book Fairy's Haven) said...

Ooh, I think I must do a post like this too :) This is a fabulous post! Must admit I also have a bit of a weak spot for those Hispanic boys. *sighs*

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

What a fab post! It's nice to daydream, isn't it? I remember having an ideal man list before I met my husband .. it all flew out the window :) Your guy sounds fantastic!

Lynsey Newton said...

LOVE this post...LOL

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