Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm not the only one...

As you have already seen this week, I am a massive Vance Magnum fan and I can't get enough of him and The Bookish Snob agrees with how I feel.

Elaine Scott: Vance Mangum is mysterious, sexy and a little bit bad. The romance that blossoms between Portia and Vance is very addictive to read and I instantly fell in love with him along with Portia.

Susan K Mann: Now who wouldn't love the sensitive, motorbike riding, leather clad, smoking hot demon, that is Vance Magnum.
Mary from The Sweet Bookshelf: Vance is a man of my dreams! He is a sexy hunk of a man, with a bad boy image, that couldn't be sweeter. Let's not forget his mad magical skills! Whats' not to like? He is a man who will never leave you stranded and will love you forever. A kiss from Vance would send me into overdrive!! A man of my dreams!


Find out more about this amazing series at the Official Of Witches and Warlocks website

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SusanKMann said...

Fantastic montage of Matt and Vance. I wish OfW&W week could go on forever. x

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