Review Policy

I am more than happy to receive books from publishers and authors to review although I only accept printed books at this time. I will try to publish reviews as close to a release date as possible if it hasn't already been released for a while. If you would like me to review a book before the release date then let me know and I will make sure that I do.

I am happy to review any YA books although paranormal, fantasy and romance are my preferred choices.

I will always be completely honest in my reviews, even if that means some negative comments. If this is the case, I will always explain my thoughts and feelings but I do always try to look for the best in books.

If you decide to send me something to review, you can be assured that I will post a review once I have finished the book. I do also post reviews on Dooyoo, Ciao and Goodreads but if you would like my review to be posted elsewhere then let me know and I would be pleased to do so.

I would also be happy to host giveaways and interviews as well as taking part in blog tours.

Please contact me if you have something you think I may enjoy reading at
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