Thursday, 4 November 2010

National Non Fiction Day

Today is National Non-Fiction day in the UK so the lovely people at Usborne sent me something to review. I hate cooking and baking so wanted a fun book to make it a little more enjoyable.

When I was looking through the Usborne Non-Fiction books, this one instantly stood out to me. What girl wouldn't want to make Fairy Christmas cakes and cookies?! I don't care that I'm 24, I still thought that this looked like lots of fun.

If I had been at home instead of my flat in Nottingham, I would have been working my way through the book with my sister as she likes things like this as much as I do. In my sisters' place, my flatmates Aaron and Lauren decided to give me a hand.

Some of the different items that this book shows you how to make are:

Snowball Truffles
Mini Raspberry Swirls
Snowflake Biscuits
Jewelled Fairy Muffins
Christmas Fairy Kisses
Iced Fairy Crowns
Snow Cloud Meringues
Frosty Fairy Fudge
Christmas Castle Cake

For each different item, the book gives clear and easy to follow instructions, along with a set of ingredients you will need and how many can be made out of them. Even though children will be following the instructions and baking with someone supervising them, the instructions are made simple enough that children should be able to follow them.

As you can see from the pictures above, each page is brightly colours and filled with pictures of whatever it is you are making at the time. I really liked being able to see what the end product should look like and how pretty they can be made. We made Iced Fairy Crowns and although they didn't look exactly like the pictures, they were close enough.

I really wish that I could show you all pictures of what we made but the baking kind of made us hungry. We let the biscuits cool down and then iced them with pink and white to make them look pretty but then as soon as they were done, we ate them all. They did taste really good though and because of that, I would happily make anything out of this book now.
Thanks so much to Usborne for sending me this book to review for National Non-Fiction Day. The flatmates and I had a lot of fun making extremely cute biscuits and are looking forward to working through the other recipies.


MC Rogerson said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun reviewing this book. Happy National Non-Fiction Day!

Unknown said...

My girls have this book and they adore it. Especially all t he pretty pictures. Some of the recipes can be a bit involved with 3 kids age 5,8 and 10 though

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