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Blue Moon - Alyson Noel

Blue Moon is the second book in the Immortals series by Alyson Noel. It was released on 5th March 2010 by Macmillan Children‘s Books and it is 348 pages long.

After taking up her rightful place as an immortal, Ever and Damen are enjoying the honeymoon period of being a couple out in the open. In Summerland, Damen is teaching Ever how to use her new abilities although she is easily distracted and ends up mostly being a tease. Even though the two have been in love in many different lives (in Ever's case), they have never consummated their relationship. Obviously Damen is frustrated to say the least. Not remembering the past, Ever keeps pushing Damen to tell her about the other times they were together and anyone he had been with beforehand which doesn't ease her nerves any.

Back in the real world, they both still have to go to school to make them appear as normal as possible. Ever is doing fantastic in her classes while Damen thinks that they could be spending their time doing better things. He isn't feeling too well though, which isn't good as it shouldn't happen and he seems very distracted. Just before the planned 'big night', Damen mysteriously takes off, leaving Ever stranded.

New guy at school Roman is the one left to pick up the pieces and even though Ever has had a bad feeling about him ever since he started at school. Everyone loves Roman and cant understand why Ever has taken an instant dislike to him. He offers to take her home when she's acting like a crazy woman running around with no shoes on but all Ever cares about is finding Damen. A few days pass and he is no where to be found... until he turns up at school a changed man.

Damen completely cuts Ever, not even acknowledging that he has ever known her and she cannot understand what is going on. Will she be able to figure everything about before she runs out of the special red drink and loses her man for good?

What I thought
After absolutely loving the first book in this series I couldn't wait for the sequel to come out but after finishing it, I was left with mixed feelings. As this is going to be a series with a total of six books, I'm hoping that the next one will be just as good as the first, if not better.

For two thirds of this story, the things that happened to Ever made me want to cry and I felt so, so bad for her but when it comes to Miles and Haven, I think she had it coming. As soon as Damen turned up, she practically forgot about her real friends and slowly saw them less and less so their reactions were very real to me. I really like that Ever has a past (not the one with Damen) and that she never reverts back to being the popular girl that she once was. If anything, she chooses to be an outcast more than ever in this book. As soon as things start to happen, she goes back to wearing hoodies and constantly listening to her I-Pod, shutting her out more and more. I loved that Noel made Ever far from perfect because it makes her someone that is easier to relate to. All teenage girls have boy problems, especially when it comes to spending time with either them or their friends. As much as I felt for her for the most part, I wanted to slap her towards the end. She turned out to be a complete idiot. When it came to making an important choice, she didn't do it wisely. It made me question her whole character and why she suddenly changed.

I loved, loved, loved Damen in the Evermore but not so much in this one. Noel makes him out to be horrible and not the perfect boyfriend we all thought he was and he is written so well in context that it was totally believable. The car park scene alone made me hate him for what he did to Ever. I know if I was her then I would have cried my eyes out at the thought of being rejected at the last minute. Damen was beyond mean to Ever and I was surprised that she lasted at school as long as she did because I wouldn't have stuck around. He is mostly in the background for a big chunk of this book and I found that even at the end, I didn't want to forgive him for what he had done but he still has a chance to make it up in the next book.

Due to the nature of books in this genre, it is sometimes quite easy to tell what is going to happen. As soon as Roman turns up, I knew there was something wrong about him but I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly what that was. He is the opposite to Damen with blonde hair and blue eyes and is just too charming and nice for it to all be for real. It is one thing being able to guess the bad guy but if I can guess why he is bad then the book is a failure to me. Luckily, Noel doesn't reveal everything so quickly and kept me guessing for a good amount of the story. Roman just wasn't that much of a bad guy to me though. After reading the whole story though, I did realise that he will most likely turn up in the other books too and hopefully he will get meaner and nastier as the story continues.

The story itself was actually very interesting. There are a lot of different things going on all the time to keep the reader interested at all times. Just when you think you know what is going on, something else happens that shocks you. I definitely couldn't guess the ending and that made me more excited for the next in the series. When it comes to timelines, Blue Moon is all over the place, showing us the past, present and the future but that isn't a bad thing. I don't want to go into what happens though as it will ruin the plot. As this is a teen fantasy, sex was bound to pop up sooner or later. Ever and Damen do get a little bit raunchy as they decide whether or not they are going to have sex but it is still pretty tame.

Overall, I did enjoy this book but not quite as much as Evermore but I'm really looking forward to the rest in the series. There was more that I liked than disliked thought so will be putting this book in Heaven!

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Diana said...

Dude, I love your review! i heard so many different things about book 2 of this series, i didnt know what to expect... but overall i like it too! thanks for such an honest review!


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