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Uninvited - Amanda Marrone

Uninvited is a YA novel by Amana Marrone. It was released on 5th November 2007 and is 208 pages long.

Jordan isn't having a very good time. Her ex boyfriend is dead, she hardly goes out anymore and alienates her friends and thinks she may have messed up big time with a guy that could have been perfect for her. If things couldn't get any worse, dead ex boyfriend Michael starts turning up at her window every night begging her to let him in. Every night, Jordan keeps telling herself not to let him in, quite unable to believe that this is actually happening but smooth talking Michael reminds her of how much he loved/ loves her and wants her back. There is only so much that a teenage girl can take and between her friends and Michael, Jordan isn't finding it easy to stay strong.

My Opinion
I don't normally like books that are so short because the authors tend to miss out a lot of the character development that could have made the book so much better. This wasn't really the case here though. Jordan starts off as a binge drinker with so many problems and having a vampire at her window every night just makes her worse. While the drinking, drugs and partying mixed with depression can seem like this story is only going in a downward spiral, things don't take long to change. I didn't really like Jordan to begin with because she was quite whiney and annoying but then I realised that so much bad was going on in her life that I couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

Even though the story is short, Marrone manages to explain everything really well. What really happened to Michael, his and Jordan's relationship, her relation ships with other people amongst other things are explored in great detail at times which made me feel like nothing was really missing from the story. Finding out more about Jordan's past and her relationship with Michael made her easier to relate to as I felt like I knew so much about her and her personality.

So many books that I have recently read in this genre are quite serious and the attempted humour doesn't really work. I found a lot of the dialogue in this story really funny and it made me laugh out loud at times. I loved that Marrone tried to make something that was so serious (Jordan's problems) into something to poke at and make fun of between her and her friends. Jordan's depression didn't seem to bother her like it should or would have done but instead, she was able to make fun of herself too.

The plot itself was as exciting as it could have been in 208 pages. There is a lot going on that made me like all of the characters, even Michael and considering he was quite the stalker, I didn't think I would end up liking him at all. I could never quite tell what his real intentions were as the author kept me guessing right until the very end. There is a lot of suspense in this book and I only maybe saw one outcome that happened.

Uninvited is a great short vampire story that is thoroughly entertaining. Loved it.

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Unknown said...

You know there's something I've always wondered ... why is it vampires always pick the people they're close to in life as their potential victims. Is it a part of the vampire make up or simple convenience ? :-)

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